Britney Spears Deleted Instagram, Moved To Twitter And Dropped A Bikini Video To Celebrate

Britney Spears has deleted her Instagram account, which was very popular last week. This left many wondering about her future plans for social media. A few days and several posts later, we know that we can expect much more from the pop star on Twitter. Spears, who has not tweeted in seven months, now gives fans five, with one thread.

One of the most popular posts is the one Spears posted last night. The clip is approximately thirty seconds long and features Spears wearing a white coat with a red bikini under. As the music plays, she walks toward the camera. The clip begins with a cat playing in the background. People can’t stop giggling about that cute little guy. The video is available below.

Britney has used social media extensively since the end of her conservatorship to communicate with fans, share her feelings, and talk about her past. She has also shared many photos and videos of herself in different states of dress, sometimes with her hands covering different parts of her body. These posts received a lot of attention from fans and were recently the subject of some arguments between Spears and Kevin Federline.

Federline spoke out earlier this month in an interview, in which he stated, among other things that their sons don’t like their mother posting naked photos on social media. This sparked a series on Instagram where it was revealed that the boys had not seen their mother for months and hadn’t even been to her wedding. Some of the posts from the skirmish between Federline and Spears were later removed and she quit her account shortly thereafter.

Although it’s not clear if the above are the reasons why Spears switched to Twitter, rest assured that many of her followers have followed. Britney has over 55 million followers on Twitter, and her posts are getting more engagement than they deserve. On Friday, a separate image she posted attracted over four hundred thousand likes as well as thousands of additional comments.

Spears has been working in the studio on new music, as well as her social media posts. Elton John, pop legend, recently released ” Keep Me Closer”. It has already reached number one in streaming charts across over 40 countries. The two are currently working on a video for the song.

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